Melanin Blvd. was created to represent

Black high self esteem and black greatness in the streets.

Hip Hop Culture was started in the streets where anyone could see it manifest so it made sense for

Melanin Blvd. to make a statement on pavement.

This site is strictly live and direct to make hands connect.

You want some nice body oils? It's here.

You want exclusive handmade hats? It's here.

You want some dope music that radio is afraid to go near? It's here.

You want Hip Hop Culture t-shirts? It's here.

You want some crazy ill fashion accessories?

It's here.

You want straight up and down Wackness?


Wackness is not here.

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Write down the products you want with prices then tap the Cash App logo.

Add the dollar amount for items and note of items you are buying. Thank you.

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Peace & Shout outs:


Atlanta , East Point , Marietta , College Park , Ben Hill , Conyers,


Lithonia , Morrow , Riverdale , Villa Rica , Decatur ,Macon ,


Baltimore ,JessupOwings Mills , Florida , East Orange (NJ),


Newark (NJ), Jersey City (NJ), Hackensack (NJ), Camden (NJ),New York ,


St. Louis , South Carolina ,Jackson (MS), Detroit , New Orleans ,


Roxbury (MA), Louisville , Chi-town , D.C. , Birmingham , Mobile ,

Rocky Mount , Raleigh , Greensboro , Charlotte , High Point ,

New Haven , Bridgeport (CT) Philly , Cali, Pittsburgh ,Tennessee ,Dallas,

Houston ,Virginia ,Akron ,Youngstown (OH), Cleveland , Rhode Island